Global Solutions Company (GSC):

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Need a reliable procurement partner for your high-pressure environment? Revolutionize your experience with Global Solutions Company (GSC)!

Why Choose GSC?

🌍 Strategic Location: UAE, Dubai based - Safe, reliable, fast, flexible. Embrace opportunities.

🎯 Expertise & Precision: Manage risks, Execute accurately. Trust us!

🔧 Value-Added Solutions: Customized solutions, International compliance. Excellence guaranteed.

👥 Customer-Centric Approach: Tailored, Effective solutions. Collaborate closely.

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About us


To transcend expectations as a leading provider, fostering success and uplifting the communities we serve.


To deliver tailored, agile, and high-performing solutions with exceptional value for our customers.


  • Honesty

  • Excellence

  • Client Satisfaction

  • Accountability

  • Constant Growth

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Phone No. +971-4-824 1170

Cell No. +971-52-355 2048 (Whatsapp)

HQ: Dubai, UAE

We Serve in: UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan